This page contains: finished model engines, casting kits, ignition components , accessoires

Finished Modelengines:
Daimler 1885 Modelengine: a perfectly built engine , mounted on an wooden plate and ready to run. Price: 2.960,- € , see photos below, availability on request
NEW: Daimler 1885 Engine Model ( for Display only): a perfectly built model in museums quality for display (not working), extraordinary exhibit for any Showroom. Price: 875,- €, available

OTTO 1895 Modelengine: excellent detailed working model engine like on the photos below; only 1pc available app. 07/2012; price: 3.760,- € sold

De Dion Bouton 1903 Modelengine: very fine engine replica of this famous motor. Price 1.780,- , available at the moment


Daimler 1885 Modelengine,Replica, scale ca. 1:3

casting kits are now available

The original engine was one of the first engines, constructed by Gottlieb Daimler and used in an very early motorcarriage "The Motorkutsche". This engine was called the "Standuhr". It was the first "fast running" petrol engine; that means, it ran with approximate 700 RPM !
The 125 year old technique and the very interesting and unusual valve gear with a grooved disc , all works perfect in this modelengine. You can build this engine on a small lathe. The internal flywheels are 95mm in diameter. The laser cut grooved disc is also part of the casting kit.

A CD is available with over 350 photos of this engine. You will find pictures of every part during the machining process and assembly. An excellent addition to the drawings.

Hight of the engine : 320mm
Flywheels: 95mm diameter , Bore: 20mm

Approximate only 10 finished engines will be built in museums quality.
Casting kits are now available. Find more pictures on the
News page

Prices: casting kit : ca. € 231,- , CD: € 19,- , shipping 29,- ( most destinationes outside the EU ) , we accept PayPal
NEW . casting kit partly finished : € 520,- ( crankcases, timing cover, slider and cylinder liner are finished ), only 6 sets available
. . . . . . . . accessory parts set: € 28,- (piston ring material , head gasket (metric O-ring), connecting rod, crank) . limited quantity available

Finished engine: 2.960,- € , a perfectly built engine , mounted on an wooden plate and ready to run . As on above picture.

Engine Model ( for Display only): Price on request. A perfectly built model in museums quality for display (not working). Mounted on an wooden plate. An extraordinary exhibit for any Showroom

Casting kit: (castings unmachined, drawings , flywheel, timing disc + segment, liner, piston material)
NEW . casting kit partly finished ( details see above)
Accessory parts set:

To be informed by email when finished engines are available, please send a message to: daimler (at)


De Dion ca. 1903

The "De Dion 1903" from Classic Motors is a detailed copy of one of the first car engines built in large numbers. It is in scale 1:4 ; has much tourque at low revvs and is therefore a very good choice for a scale car of this period. This slow running 17cc fourstroke engine has an automatic inlet valve and an exhaust valve operated by a single cam. It runs excellent on 2-stroke mixture and can be used with spark ignition or glow ignition.
A CD is available with over 100 photos of "building the De Dion". A very good help as you see each detail and assembly.

Bore x stroke 25mm x 30mm; app 180mm high
casting kit : € 229,- , shipping and CD included
( most destinationes outside the EU ) , we accept PayPal
Finished engine : 1.780,- €

Casting kit: (castings unmachined, drawings , gears, liner, piston material)



The OTTO / Deutz stationary engine from 1895

This engine is a scale copy of the famous type D2. The engine runs on clean propane. With a small carburetter it runs also perfect with gas/petrol. You will be fascinated watching the engine running at low 200 RPM.
Flywheeldiameter 200mm, bore 25mm

We also offer a CD with over hundred photos of details and the construction . It will be the ultimate help in building this wonderful historic engine. CD price: Euro 15,-

Price: casting kit : € 328,- , shipping and CD included ( most destinationes outside the EU ) , we accept PayPal

Casting kit: (castings unmachined, drawings in mm and imperial inch, gears, liner, piston material )

Finished engines: 1pc available app. 07/2012


Mercedes 1909

This engine is a copy of one of the first aero engines built by Mercedes. Like on the original we have here the cam gears outside the crankcase. This works excellent . Also this small replica has a non detachable head. Cylinder and head are one piece.
Scale app. 1:6, Capacity: 30cc, bore/stroke 20x25mm, 600 - 3000RPM, liquid cooled, glow ignition, lenght 230mm.

Price: casting kit : € 350,- , shipping included ( most destinationes outside the EU ) , we accept PayPal

Casting kit: (castings unmachined, drawings, gears, liner, piston material )


The HUBBARD 1912

Scale replica of a marine engine from 1912. Those sturdy engines were used especially in USA by fishermen. The simple cunstruction could easily be repaired by everyone. The modelengine features the same priciple.
Capacity 12cc, flywheeldia. 85mm. runs at 1000 RPM, glowplug, suitable for beginners.

Price: casting kit : € 191,-, castings (unmachined) and drawings. Shipping included ( most destinationes outside the EU ), we accept PayPal

Casting kit: (castings unmachined, drawings in mm and imperial inch, liner, piston material )


Ignition Coils and supplies for modelengines

  • 4V to 6V operation
  • 36mm dia. 51mm high. Weight 150gm.
  • Low cost

Two versions are available:
NOVUS-1   single output   
NOVUS-2   dual output (pictured)   
These coils need control over 'closed dwell' time for best efficiency and to avoid overheating. We recommend using our electronic module MIC-1 together with magnetic sensor MRS-1 or MHS-1. Conventional contact points can be used, but make sure there is current limiting in the primary circuit to protect the coil and wiring should engine stop with the points closed. If in doubt, please contact us for advice. These coils do not have a built-in capacitor as it is not required for use with a MIC-1 electronic module. For use with points, we will supply a suitable component free-of-charge on request. Be sure to switch the coil off, if the engine stopps with points closed; otherwise the coil can be destroyed by heat. The use of MIC-1 with a sensor avoids this .

Miniature Ignition Controller MIC-1A  Complements the Novus-1, Novus-2 ignition coils for users wanting a contactless solution. Magnetic sensor input. Auto switch-off if engine comes to rest with the sensor active.Operates on 4.5 to 12 volts so can be used with other coils. Dimensions 45mm x 30mm x 15mm . Connections by screw terminals Integral static timing light.

NOVUS .....MIC-1......MHS-1

Modelignition coil
NOVUS-1 for singlecylinderengines : € 78,90,- ,
Modelignition coil NOVUS-2 for doublecylinderengines: € 85,-
Ignition controller :
MIC-1 : € 55,70
Sensor with Hall IC Typ
MHS-1 : € 19,30
MRS-1 : € 41,70
Shipping : on request ,
we accept PayPal


Spark plug 1/4 x 32" for scale model engines

This very original model engine spark plug is a very detaild copy of a plug from the 20ies. Please not the rims on the porcellaine insulator and the name "Champion" printed on it. A very good spark plug for slow runners and high speed engines. It is exactly THE plug for a highly detailed scale replica engine.

Price: Model engine spark plug: € 28,-
Shipping : on request , we accept PayPal


all offers and prices can be changed without further notes.

For more informations please contact us.

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